OBREAL has organized, with the collaboration of the Instituto Tecnológico de Buenos Aires (ITBA), a training course on international project formulation.

A workshop delivered in a hybrid form. At the ITBA headquarters in Buenos Aires, OBREAL’s project manager Angel Manuel Rafael and OBREAL’s Strategy Director, Nicolas Patrici, led the session. Meanwhile, Jaume Fortuny, also OBREAL’s project manager, was in charge of the online participants.

training formulation international projects

A first approach to the formulation of international projects

The workshop included a theoretical part during which OBREAL instructors explained the most relevant points when thinking and developing a competitive project. In this sense, they have explained in detail how to identify priorities and how to translate them into a competitive project, how to work with international partners and how to develop the work plan together with them. Furthermore, they have answered all the questions of the participants.

The training also included practical parts. The attendees were able to browse through the European Commission‘s participant portal and they also developed a proposal. They have done so from the internal approach to the development of the idea through the identification of needs. In the process, they have detailed the general and specific objectives as well as the work plan.

Committed to capacity building

At OBREAL we are committed to the capacity building of institutional, academic and administrative staff. Through training courses such as this one on “International Project Formulation” that we have carried out in Buenos Aires, we contribute to strengthen research and innovation capabilities.

By implementing internationally funded cooperation projects, Higher Education Institutions can become agents of development and establish links between national and international perspectives.

training formulation international projects

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