what we do

Three action pillars

what we do

Three areas of interest


Innovation can and must be promoted by all Higher Education Institutions (HEI), even if they lack the resources to conduct ambitious research. By emphasizing the role of innovation, HEIs can also become development agents and establish a link between the national and international perspectives, opening a door to their participation in the implementation of internationally-funded cooperation projects.

Tertiary education, institutional and policy development

This broad category embraces several themes that are essential to shaping the development cooperation agenda. Specifically, it pertains to the flexibilization and digitalization of learning, quality assessment and quality standards, evaluation, and frameworks; from a broader perspective, it tackles the role of HEIs in regional integration processes, which is precisely OBREAL’s specialty.

Sustainable development

The contribution of the higher education sector to the achievement of the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals requires universities to target present and future goals related to employability, production, and citizenship.