OBREAL Global carries out activities, projects, meetings and events to promote interregional dialogue on key topics of common interest such as the internationalisation of learning, digitalisation, international research management and the role of universities in local development.

We have divided all our activities in four categories:

  • Initiatives and Projects: All the information related to the projects and initiatives in which OBREAL Global is involved.
  • OBREAL Global In Focus: The OBREAL Global annual programme of virtual events and activities aimed at connecting higher education and research institutions around the world.
  • Interregional Dialogues: A compendium of all the activities, events and meetings organised by OBREAL Global and its chapters in South America, Central America, the Caribbean, India, and Africa
  • Publications and Policies reports: Here you can find publications and policy reports produced by OBREAL Global and a repository of recordings of online events organised by OBREAL Global.

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