The eagerly awaited annual meeting of OBREAL Global’s European partners and members took place this year in Tarragona (Spain), following the resounding success of last year’s meeting in Cork (Ireland), hosted by University College Cork. The event brought together esteemed members, partners and experts from different regions, united in their commitment to promote higher education cooperation and international projects.

Emphasising strategic vision

Under the able leadership of Elizabeth Colucci, Director of International Projects, the OBREAL Global Secretariat presented a strategic plan that charts the association’s course to 2025. The plan outlines the organisation’s overarching goals and objectives to promote sustainable development, inclusive education and research excellence across borders.

Showcasing inspiring projects

Throughout the meeting, a number of inspiring case studies were shared, highlighting the impact and importance of cross-regional collaboration. Alfonso Marzal, from the Universidad de Extremadura, presented the Mimir Andino project, demonstrating how academic collaboration can address critical challenges in the Andean region. Maria Salomaa, representing the Tampere University of Applied Sciences, presented the HERE SA project, showcasing innovative approaches to improving the quality of higher education in Southern Africa. Joan Miquel Canals from the Universitat Rovira i Virgili shared insights into the transformative Vita Global project, which promotes modularisation, flexibility and internationalisation in higher education.
. In addition, Hanif Mohammed introduced the Asian Institute of Design and the India Chapter of OBREAL Global, demonstrating the network’s truly interregional reach.

Strengthening through online learning

During the afternoon session, Elizabeth Colucci and Eloi Espósito presented the recently launched OBREAL Training Platform, a cutting edge online training tool hosted on the OBREAL Global website. The platform will offer a wide range of resources and courses to enable professionals to enhance their knowledge, skills and capacities in the field of higher education and internationalisation. The platform’s initial offering includes an ongoing online course on the HAQAA initiative, aimed at participants from different backgrounds and regions.

Navigating funding opportunities

The meeting also covered various funding opportunities available to members and partners, with a dedicated session led by OBREAL Global’s Finance Director, Agustina Calabrese, and Project Manager, Angel Manuel Rafael. Attendees gained valuable insights into accessing funding, including the prestigious Erasmus+ calls, encouraging the development of new, impactful projects in the higher education landscape.

Looking ahead

The successful conclusion of the OBREAL Global European Partners and Members Meeting signifies a renewed commitment among OBREAL Global members and partners to foster international collaboration, share knowledge and drive positive change in higher education. As OBREAL Global continues to evolve and expand, it remains steadfast in its mission to address interregional challenges through collective action and collaboration.

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