OBREAL expresses its support to the Argentine university system after the Argentine universities, through the National Interuniversity Council, have expressed deep concern about the situation of scientific research. Therefore, they call on all those involved in the production of scientific knowledge in this country to mobilize in defense of the public university on April 23.

They are particularly concerned about the budgetary situation of the universities and the lack of definition regarding the continuity of research programs and projects managed by other central institutions for the financing of science and technology in Argentina.

It is within this framework that OBREAL and the OBREAL Buenos Aires Office for South America express their support to the Argentine university system in its demand for an adequate budget to guarantee the quality, excellence and inclusiveness of Argentine universities.

Likewise, OBREAL expresses its commitment to the values represented by the Argentine public university and will work, together with its members in the region, to guarantee a democratic university, committed to sustainable development, inclusive, and of quality that promotes excellence at all levels.

You can read OBREAL’s Official Statement below.

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