OBREAL and CIVICAI have signed a collaboration agreement that will last at least two years. CIVICAI is a Catalan association with the objective of “ensuring that people have free access to artificial intelligence and that its development and socialization are ethical and for the benefit of the common good“.

The agreement between OBREAL and CIVICAI

The collaboration agreement signed between the presidents of the two associations – Ramon Torrent and Manuel Sanromà – establishes two main areas of collaboration: international projection and joint fundraising to finance the actions to be carried out.

In this sense, OBREAL is committed to invite CIVICAI in the forums and international projects in which it participates when topics related to Artificial Intelligence arise. For its part, CIVICAI will bring its institutional and business partners closer to OBREAL to offer them the possibility of collaborating in specific actions of mutual interest.

OBREAL and CIVICAI Agreement
Ramon Torrent, President of OBREAL, and Manuel Sanromà, President of CIVICAI, signing the agreement.

The first social council with OBREAL

Following the signing of this agreement, OBREAL was able to participate in the Social Council of CIVICAI held on March 20 in Barcelona. A council in which, apart from OBREAL, have also attended two other new entities part of this initiative: the Universitat Oberta de Catalunya and the Universitat Ramon Llull.

In addition to welcoming the new collaborators, the social council presented the new internal communication and dynamization tool, shared the latest actions carried out and established the next steps to be taken.

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