The MYCOMM project was launched in a virtual meeting last January.

Through a videoconference platform on January 16th, a presentation of the participants took place, the new management rules of the Erasmus+ projects and the work plan of the project itself were presented, its dissemination and impact and the expectations of the partners were also discussed.

Now, on 25 and 26 April 2023, a face-to-face meeting will be held in Barcelona, which combines the contents of the launch meeting with the state of play of the project and the discussion of the progress made so far.

In addition, this face-to-face meeting is also used as a working meeting of the project since Work Package 2 is in the development phase and requires an intense participation of all partners.

Whereas WP1 has so far dealt with project management, quality assurance and task monitoring, WP2 develops the working relations of the beneficiary organisations. This includes a mapping of organisations, a SWOT analysis of each organisation (to determine their positioning in current actions in the defence of migrants and refugees), as well as a SWOT of audio-visual and communication capacities. From here, the target organisations will have the possibility to participate in online focus groups to compare their SWOTs and determine their development needs.

Work package 2 aims to describe the current capacity of migrant and refugee youth organisations (organisation and representative capacity, networking and outreach, digital competences, audio-visual competences, and use of social media) and their needs (in order to strengthen their role in civil society and influence public opinion).

All consortium partners are represented at the face-to-face meeting in Barcelona. However, in order to incorporate all the members of the working teams of all the partners (especially the people linked to finance and project management who have not been able to travel), the event is also broadcast by streaming with the possibility of interaction with the people physically present in the event room.

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