OBREAL, with the Senior Project Manager Jaume Fortuny, participates this week in the second training of the CLIMAR project, which takes place at the University College Cork (UCC), in Ireland, on the theory and application of the circular economy in tourism.

circular economy tourism

In addition to OBREAL, the training also includes speakers from the UCC itself. Also from the University of Las Palmas de Gran Canaria and the University of Veracruz. A group of researchers from different regions to address the issue of circular economy in tourism from different perspectives.

Twelve participants have traveled to Cork to participate in this face-to-face training. Again with various backgrounds. There are participants from the Universidad de Cartagena, from the Universidad Anahuac de Oaxaca, from the Universidad de Mar del Plata, from the Universidad Nacional de Colombia, from the Universidad Nacional de Cuyo, from the Universidad Autónoma del Estado de Quintana Roo, from the Universidad de Panamá, from the Universidad de Alicante and from the Universidad de Caldas.

circular economy tourism

After the event, these participants will write a report on the results of the key lessons learned. In this report, they will indicate how they will apply the new knowledge on circular economy and tourism in the context of the project.In addition, participants will continue to work on the definition of joint research projects. Also on the work plan and funding scheme for collaborative research. This task will be finalized during the next two trainings within the framework of the project, in Bogota and Panama.

This training is thus marked by the interregionality that defines OBREAL’s action. This is because we are facing a challenge, the effect of climate change on the tourism industry, which is global. Therefore, the solutions to it must be debated and generated between different regions.

circular economy tourism
Tourism and Climate Change

The CLIMAR project

CLIMAR is a project co-funded by the European Commission’s Erasmus+ program that brings together experts from different fields and regions to research and discuss responses to the challenges presented by climate change in the tourism industry.

Through trainings (such as this one on the circular economy in tourism), the project builds capacity and knowledge. These will be shared through study modules, training programs and professional capacity building to universities, industries, NGOs and public administrations.

Circular Economy

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