OBREAL, as part of its collaboration with Africa and Latin America, is launching an Interregional course on Food Security. A first course of a series of online short courses to facilitate cross-regional exchanges. The courses will take place in the second quarter of 2024. That is, as part of the lead-up to the next inter-regional dialogue that we will hold this July in Addis Ababa.

These courses are the result of the priorities identified in the interregional dialogues held in Buenos Aires and Barcelona. Thus, the topics of the courses focus on the themes that OBREAL and its Latin American and African partners consider to be priorities. We are talking about food security, climate change or teacher training, among others.

The first interregional course, on food security

The title of the first of these course is “Unlocking the Potential of Biotechnology in Food Production.” In essence, it will explore the applications of biotechnology in agriculture and food industries with perspectives from Africa and Latin America.

This interregional approach is precisely what makes this course unique. For that reason, researchers, experts and companies from Africa and Latin America will provide theoretical concepts, best practices and case studies. The objective is to offer a broader view of the issues.

OBREAL and the Federal University of Agriculture, Abeokuta (FUNAAB) are the organizers of this course. Additionally, ENLACES and ASCUN are supporting it.

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