We sat down with the Secretary General of the Association of African Universities, Professor Olusola Oyewole, to analyse the challenges and priorities on the African continent in the framework of this 2024 being dedicated to Education by the African Union.

During the interview, the Secretary General of the Association of African Universities named the main challenges of African universities: increase research from and for Africa, involve universities in the development of their communities, match the needs of the industry with what universities are producing and increase the funding.

Funding is, according to Professor Oyewole, the main and most urgent challenge and the one through which all the other challenges can be addressed. And one way to access this funding and therefore start solving the main challenges that Africa is facing, says Olusola Oyewole, is through the collaboration and partnerships with organizations such as OBREAL.

Look at the whole interview here (note that it is possible to change the language of the subtitles between english, spanish and catalan):