OBREAL, CAMES and other regional organizations dedicated to the regional integration of higher education are meeting this week in Yaoundé, Cameroon. A week during which several meetings and gatherings are planned. The objective is to generate synergies and make more efficient use of the resources of the various projects in which several partners are involved.

For OBREAL this meeting is a new opportunity to generate dialogue and interregional cooperation between and for different Southern regions. With Apiyo Okwiri, Project Manager in Africa, and with Marina Larrea, the Senior Coordinator Higher Education Policy, OBREAL continues to advance in its mission to generate shared solutions to common challenges.

Meeting with Pan African University

In this regard, Marina Larrea held a meeting with the Rector, the Vice Rector and the Head of Academic Affairs of the Pan-African University (PAU). A meeting in which we discussed a joint work plan. This includes a master’s degree and a cross-cutting module for all PAU students on regional and continental integration.

In addition, we are pleased to announce that PAU has expressed interest in becoming a member of OBREAL.

Synergies with the JointQA project

On both Tuesday, May 14 and Wednesday, May 15, we held a joint meeting to consult on the quality assurance assessment model. The meeting was attended by stakeholders beyond the consortium partners. RAFANAQ and the AUF stand out, but also members of the project’s Advisory Council from other important African regions.

In this sense, the meeting served to obtain the support of relevant associations and networks representing quality assurance agencies and universities. Beyond this, we also talked specifically about the project. We presented the results of the comparative study and discussed the joint evaluation model.

Meeting within the framework of the JointQA project

Synergies with the HAQAA3 initiative

In addition to the meetings mentioned above, and with the aim of creating synergies between the two projects, Cameroon is also hosting activities related to the HAQAA3 Initiative. Specifically, four regional consultation events related to the potential governance structure of PAQAA, the Pan-African Quality Assurance Agency. These events are a continuation of the discussions started in 2021.

The event generated interest in local press

This event generated a great deal of interest from the local press. The online newspaper Impact Echoes News published two informative articles about these meetings. One explaining the work being done to create a regional quality assurance agency and the other detailing the work and mission of OBREAL.

On the other hand, the Cameroonian Radiotelevision, the CRTV, broadcasted a report on the event that you can watch below.

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