OBREAL will be part of the 20th Triennial Conference of the International Association of University Presidents (IAUP). The conference, which addresses the challenges that AI poses to the Higher Education Sector, is to be held October 13-15 in Beijing, China. Thought leaders, educators and experts will collaboratively explore the role of artificial intelligence in reshaping higher education.

Hence the title of the event: “Generative AI and the future of higher education”. The conference thus promises to provide a dynamic platform for the exchange of innovative ideas, best practices and strategies to address the challenges and opportunities presented by AI in academia.

AI and higher education

OBREAL’s action to meet the challenge of AI in Higher Education

A theme that is in line with OBREAL’s mission and action. We work cross-regionally to create innovative solutions to common challenges. The triennial IAUP conference will be a new opportunity to establish dialogues with experts from various regions on the great challenge that artificial intelligence represents for Higher Education.

A challenge we are already working on through, for example, the program for young people on artificial intelligence, innovation and multilingualism that we run together with the Commonwealth, the AAU and Symbiosis University.

The meeting in Beijing is a new opportunity to continue these dialogues. Only through interregional cooperation can we take advantage of the opportunities presented by AI in higher education. At next October’s conference we will be able to discuss the challenges and opportunities of this technology with leaders from different regions of the world.

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