Among the attendees at the inauguration of our new office for South America there will be Argentinean government authorities and the Spanish and EU ambassadors to Argentina

OBREAL will inaugurate its South American office on the 19th and the 20th of February in a hybrid and open event. The OBREAL office for South America is essential for our organization to continue building bridges between regions to increase and improve interregional cooperation in the Higher Education sector.

We expect more than a hundred attendees, among which there will be authorities from the Argentinean government, the European Union ambassador to Argentina or the director of the EU-LAC Foundation. Representatives of the Association of African Universities, the General Secretariat of the Central American Higher University Council and the Inter-University Council of East Africa, will also attend.

Because our new office, that will be based at the Miguelete Campus of the National University of San Martín, in the Province of Buenos Aires in Argentina, has the support of major associations in the Higher Education Sector.

“This new office of OBREAL will strengthen our relationship between India, South America and other parts of the global South”

vidya yeravdekar, pro-chancellor at symbiosis university

The rector of UNSAM, Carlos Greco, believes that the office will be a platform through which OBREAL will be able to deploy its institutional politics. What’s more, the rector states that “together, we will revolutionize the world university system. Because we are capable of it, because we have good intentions, and because we will work for the good of our institutions”.

OBREAL’s office for South America has also gathered the support of representatives of associations from other continents… like the Secretary General of the Association of African Universities, Olusola Oyewole, who explains that “AAU will always be a partner willing to build bridges between our regions“. Or Pro-Chancellor of Symbiosis University in India, Vidya Yeravdekar, who states that “this new office of OBREAL will strengthen our relationship between India, South America and even other parts of the global South”

You can listen to the statements of these representatives in the video that follows this article. For more information about the event, its program and the registration, click here.

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