OBREAL has participated in the third international meeting of the SUST Tourism project (co-financed by the Erasmus+ program of the European Union) in Portugal. A meeting in which we have completed the training on new paradigms and innovative content in tourism, which seeks to promote sustainable tourism business initiatives. Specifically, the training focuses on content related to environmental care, digitalization and the use of technologies, social and cultural protection of communities and their identities, diversity management, gender and inclusion.

This training is intended for trainers from Cape Verde and Angola. Prior to this trip, participants completed an online course on sustainability, entrepreneurship and tourism marketing based on material developed by the project partners. In Portugal, the trainers were able to see firsthand the application of these concepts by visiting sustainable tourism initiatives.

sustainable tourism business initiatives

Next steps: promoting sustainable tourism business initiatives in Cape Verde and Angola

The teachers who have participated in these trainings will now be in charge of transmitting the knowledge they have learned. They will disseminate project materials to promote sustainable tourism business initiatives. The ultimate goal is to revitalize the economy and socio-cultural development of these regions.

The trainings will take place over the next few months. They are aimed at both students from the project’s partner universities and relevant stakeholders in the tourism sector.

OBREAL thus maintains its commitment to training, in this case focused on sustainability. Two essential elements in the mission and vision of our organization.

to promote sustainable tourism business initiatives

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