The Objective of the DHG Forum is to share expertise, experiences, to enhance co-operation among donors and capacity development programmes implementing agencies, or relevant resource organisations in the higher education and research sectors.

Initially the DHG was set up to bring the Paris Declaration (2005) into practice, hence the name donor harmonisation. However, at the first meeting in Scheveningen in 2010 that objective proved to be unrealistic as most educational co-operation programmes had a strong reciprocal benefit policy. But the idea of trying to prevent overlap in activities, to find ways to collaborate with each other, and share expertise and experiences formed a solid basis for these annual meetings. The initiative for the first meeting in 2009 was taken by both the Norwegian Directorate for Higher Education and Skills (HK-dir) and Nuffic.

documents of the dhg forum 2022

Here you can find all the documents of the DHG Forum 2022

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