Recognition: a students’ right

In the third episode of our podcast, we address the recognition of credits and degrees between countries from the students’ point of view. A very important topic for students since this is what allows them to study and work abroad.

We address this topic with OBREAL’s unique interregional perspective. That is why we speak with students’ representatives from Africa, Europe and Latin America and the Caribbean. More specifically, with the Secretary General of the AASU, Peter Kwasi, the President of ESU, Horia Onita; and the Executive Secretary of OCLAE, Amanda Harumy.

OBREAL is involved in several projects that pursue the recognition process. The most important one is HAQAA, a program funded by the European Commission through the Youth Mobility Flagship Program of the Global Gateway package. It aims to improve the quality of higher education, develop national QA systems, support the establishment of the Pan-African Quality Assurance and Accreditation Agency, and develop an African Credit Transfer System.

We are also part of the implementing team of the JointQA and QADoc projects. Both co-funded by the Erasmus Plus Capacity Building in Higher Education program of the European Commission.