Tomorrow we will hold the last session of the OBREAL Global Interregional Dialogues between India and South America

After three sessions of this series of Interregional dialogues between India and South America in which we have explored topics such as Higher Education internationalisation in India and South America, the strategies, institutional challenges and approaches to the internationalisation of higher education institutions or the internationalisation of the curricula, in this occasion we will discuss internationalisation through joint strategies and research programmes with the following speakers:

  • Marcelo Knobel – Former President of UNICAMP (Brazil)
  • Adrijit Goswami – Professor at the Indian Institute of Technology, Kharagpur (India)
  • Ketan Kotecha – Director, Symbiosis Institute of Technology -SIU- (India)
  • José Celso Freire – Vice-President, FAUBAI (Brazil) / Chief Advisor External Relations, UNESP (Brazil)

International research strategies are key for the development of a relevant research portfolio at universities. They are also a key component of holistic institutional internationalisation. This session will be focused on discussing the role that joint research has played in the international strategies of Indian and South American universities and how to improve it to enhance the cooperation between India and South America research systems. The session will also explore the role of joint PhD supervisions and joint PhD programmmes, and how they can boost cooperation between the two regions.

The session will be divided in two parts: The first will present the existing policy initiatives and programmes and will discuss the policy challenges in enhancing research cooperation between India and South America. The second part will feature the experience of universities in implementing joint research programmes between South America and India.