Third week of OBREAL Global in Focus 2021

During the third week of OBREAL Global in Focus 2021 we will hold three activities:

The first webinar is organised in the framework of the Erasmus+ Vita Global project. In this webinar the panellists will provide examples of regional/local development strategies from the regions represented, and discuss how teaching, learning and research are articulated around these strategies in various sectors

The second webinar is organised jointly with the Consejo Superior Universitario Centroamericano and the EU-LAC Foundation and will address the topic of innovation in teaching-learning processes and quality assurance and is a pre-congress event for the IX Congreso Universitario Centroamericano.

The last webinar of the third week of OBREAL Global in Focus 2021 entitled “Joint Study Programmes for Regional Integration: Perspectives from the Caribbean” is a webinar co-organised by Universities Caribbean, which chairs the OBREAL Global Caribbean Chapter, EU-LAC Foundation and OBREAL Global.

All information on all OBREAL Global in Focus 2021 events can be found here: