The HAQAA2 Final Conference was held in Accra

The much-anticipated HAQAA2 Final Conference concluded in Accra, Ghana from 6 to 9 December, where over 100 distinguished participants from across Africa, Europe, the Americas and Latin America gathered. This landmark event brought together representatives from more than 31 African countries, as well as key stakeholders from the global higher education community.

Themed ‘HAQAA2 Achievements and Next Steps’, the conference served as a platform to showcase and consolidate the key achievements of the HAQAA2 project. Participants delved into the key elements of the initiative, focusing on capacity building, comprehensive training for both internal quality assurance (IQA) and external quality assurance (EQA), and unwavering support for CESA (the policy component).

A wide range of strategic partners and influential organisations graced the conference, underlining the collaborative spirit that HAQAA2 fosters in the higher education landscape. In particular, prestigious organisations such as IUCEA, SARUA, CAMES, NAQAAE and CNAQ played a key role in shaping the success of the project.

The meeting witnessed insightful discussions, knowledge sharing and exchange of experiences among participants representing institutional, national and regional levels of the higher education sector. These engaging interactions laid the foundation for a unified approach to addressing the challenges facing the African higher education community.

For those who were unable to attend, we are pleased to provide a concise summary of the conference proceedings. We invite you to consult it for valuable insights into the profound impact of HAQAA2 and its pivotal role in shaping the higher education landscape in Africa and beyond.

The HAQAA2 Final Conference in images