The EQUAM LA Project Management Team met on October 15th

The EQUAM LA project management team meeting took place on 15th October.

During this meeting, partners had the opportunity to discuss the progress made in the project. Several milestones have been reached, such as the first draft of the toolkit, main deliverable of the project, and the report of the external evaluator. The coordinator also reported on the submission of the interim report.

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About the EQUAM LA Project

Equam-La aims at advancing the Latin American Higher Education Space in areas such as recognition of degrees and credits across borders by reinforcing and connecting quality assurance systems for higher education, in which universities and QA agencies are key partners and drivers

Equam-La hence proposes to support universities and national agencies to work together to improve and reinforce internal QA management and processes and link them to specific areas, like recognition, so as to underpin regional integration.