Inauguration of the OBREAL Office for South America

Open and hybrid event

OBREAL inaugurates its South American office

OBREAL inaugurates its office for South America with headquarters at the National University of San Martín in Argentina. The OBREAL Office for South America is presented as a meeting platform for academic and scientific communities in the region with the aim of contributing to regional integration processes, knowledge production and capacity building to promote and support shared solutions to common development challenges.

OBREAL is an organisation based in Barcelona that brings together universities, research centres and cooperation agencies from around the world. OBREAL has a long tradition of cooperation and collaboration with its members and strategic partners in South America. Its new office is a further step in the direction of contributing to the development of interregional policies.

We believe that just as there is no single “global” North, there is no single “global” South. There are different Norths and different Souths, and the idea is to work from their different characteristics, histories, languages and challenges to find common solutions to the common challenges of development.

We look forward to welcoming you to our new home on 19 and 20 February!


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