Public Presentation of the TRESAL Survey

Within the framework of the World Higher Education Conference held in Barcelona, OBREAL Global, together with the Espacio Latinooamericano y Caribeño de Educación Superior (ENLACES) presented the TRESAL Survey.

The TRESAL survey -Trends in Higher Education in Latin America- aims to systematically collect data on the main institutional trends in Latin America and the Caribbean so as to serve and inform the consolidation of the Latin American and Caribbean Higher Education Area (ENLACES).

TRESAL is the product of a joint Latin American effort, promoted by OBREAL Global and ENLACES and technically developed by the South American Chapter of OBREAL Global and LINED Argentina. TRESAL also has the participation and support of university associations and universities in Latin America (including ASCUN of Colombia, ANUIES of Mexico, CSUCA of Central America, ANDIFES of Brazil, FAUBAI of Brazil, AUGM of Uruguay and the Universidad Veracruzana of Mexico) and the EU-LAC Foundation.

The first version of TRESAL was launched in 2013, in the context of the ALFA PUENTES project and was inspired by the TRENDS survey produced by the European University Association. This new edition of TRESAL is inspired by that first exercise and is presented as a legitimate regional instrument that contributes to a better understanding of regional dynamics and trends in Higher Education in Latin America.

TRESAL aims, on the one hand, at supporting the process of regional integration in Latin America and, on the other hand, at promoting inter-regional relations and dialogue on important higher education trends.