Projects updates | Sustainable University – Enterprise Cooperation for Improving Graduate Employability (SUCCESS)

The SUCCESS Project, coordinated by the International Burch University, Bosnia and Herzegovina, aims at accompanying in a modest way Western Balkan countries (WBC) on their way for integration to European Union. Besides the harmonization of law, improvement of institutional capabilities is another important agenda in this process. Considering this, establishing a EU model on university-enterprise cooperation is crucial for WBC. The main objective of SUCCESS is to establish of university-enterprise cooperation by forming a partnership in the areas of education and knowledge transfer based on the market needs, as well as creating wide university-enterprise cooperation network in Western Balkan countries. These goals are aimed to be achieved through a steady collaboration among WBC universities and enterprises from Bosnia and Herzegovina, Albania and Montenegro, and EU universities from, Poland Spain, Serbia and Germany. Considering this, main activities foreseen within the project are as follows: Exploring the partnership models in EU and WBC, university – enterprise partnership, modernization of curricula by introducing practice-oriented teaching and learning, introducing internship programme in cooperation with business sector, reinforcing of existing structures and establishing start-up services. Successful implementation of those activities will lead to the increasing graduates employability.

In the first phase of the project, SUCCESS has already explored the partnership models in EU and WBC, analysed whether there are existing cooperation agreements between university and industry across the consortium. Secondly, SUCCESS has started developing the university – enterprise partnership and to establishing the University-Business (SME) network in WBC countries. Currently a training of the WBC staff in university-enterprise cooperation is taking place in Lublin, at the University College of Enterprise and Administration, Poland.

In the last phase of the project, SUCCESS will develop job-oriented studies at WBC universities, analyse existing competences of BSc and MSc graduators at WBC universities, update and modernize specified study programmes at WBC universities, modernise entrepreneurship courses, develop the student internship at the WBC universities and implement the training of academic staff on practice-oriented teaching.


OBREAL Global contributes to sharing best practices on cooperation agreements between university and industry, developing and implementing training programs. More precisely, OBREAL Global is responsible for the Quality Assurance of the project.