PRICNAC: Launching of micro-projects

The PRICNAC project met today to launch micro-projects to be developed within the framework of this ACP-funded project.

The PRICNAC project is coordinated by the Agence Universiatire de la Francophonie (AUF) and its consortium is composed of OBREAL Global, the Conseil Africain et Malgache pour l’enseignement supérieur (CAMES), the Association of African Universities and the Réseau des experts en Ingénierie de formation de l’Afrique Centrale et des Grands Lacs (REIFAC).

The PRICNAC micro-projects will bring together at local level the different actors (educational institutions and research centres, enterprises, national and local public administrations, chambers of commerce, business organisations, trade unions, NGOs,) able to act in the four areas of the ACP Innovation Facility

  • improving access to digital literacy, knowledge and use of emerging technologies;
  • create or strengthen concrete links between the development of R&I skills and labour market needs
  • create or enable synergies in the research and innovation ecosystem, including with the private sector; facilitate conditions for technology transfer; promote the uptake of R&I;
  • Promote local knowledge and its use in combination with formal knowledge systems and practices.

These small local networks will be 1) multinational, 2) multi-stakeholder, 3) involve low populated areas and large cities.


This project aims to strengthen research and innovation capacities in Central African countries by strengthening innovation ecosystems, productive synergies, entrepreneurship, digital technology and innovation policies for sustainable development and poverty reduction.