OBREAL Global visits Middle East College, host of our GCC office

During the last two day, we visited the Middle East College in Muscat, Sultanate of Oman. Middle East College is not only an important member but has been hosting the OBREAL Global office for the GCC during the last couple of years and MEC´s Dean, Dr. Kiran Gopakumar holds the Vice- Presidency of the Association from 2020.

During our visit, Dr Nicolas Patrici had the chance to discuss with Middle East College´s Chair, Dr. Abdullah Saif Ahmed Al Sabahi, projects and opportunities to impact the Omani and the GCC higher education systems.

During the meeting we also learnt a lot about the strategy MEC´s implemented during the pandemic and the lessons they learnt when implementing a full flexible approach to learning. We also had the chance to discusd future possible projects on skill development and internationalization in Oman and in the GCC..

Dr Andullah Saif Ahmed Al Sabahi reconfirmed the commitment of Middle East College with OBREAL Global and Middle East College support to the association in keeping building inter-regional relationships with a South South North approach.

Dr Patrici also had the chance to discuss extensively with OBREAL Global Vice-President Dr. Kiran Gopakumar the activities conducted by OBREAL Global during 2020 and 2021 and OBREAL Global ´s work plan for 2022 and 2023.

Thank you very much Middle East College for hosting OBREAL Global offices in the GCC!

We would like to take the chance to congratulate all our Omani colleagues and partners on the Oman National Day!