OBREAL Global promotes a joint EUA-ENLACES statement highlighting higher education, research and innovation as key pillars of the EU-CELAC agenda.

In a joint statement issued today, the European University Association (EUA) and the Espacio Latinoamericano y Caribeño de Educación Superior (ENLACES), with the support of OBREAL Global, have highlighted the crucial role of higher education, research and innovation in shaping a forward-looking EU-CELAC agenda. The declaration urges governments to prioritise cooperation and recognises the need for knowledge and skills based solutions to address global challenges.

Since the last European Union-Community of Latin American and Caribbean States (EU-CELAC) Summit in 2015, the world has witnessed significant changes, including the urgent need for a global transition towards sustainability and zero-carbon economies. EUA and ENLACES, representing the European, Latin American and Caribbean academic sectors, underline the importance of interregional agendas that can strategically contribute to achieving these goals.

The joint declaration highlights the value of transnational and transregional exchanges and cooperation, especially in times of crisis, as demonstrated by recent political and health challenges. The key role of the university sector in long-term transition processes and in responding to sudden changes is highlighted, underlining the importance of knowledge and skills in finding solutions.

The European University Association, the Espacio Latinoamericano y Caribeño de Educación Superior and OBREAL Global express their expectation that higher education, research and innovation will be duly taken into account at the forthcoming EU-CELAC Summit. Strengthening cooperation between the higher education sectors of both regions is considered essential to advance an EU-CELAC agenda based on human rights, the rule of law and shared commitments to inclusion, equity, democratic values and cultural diversity.

Read the full statement here:

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