OBREAL Global participates at the launch of East African Community Academic and Research Network for Regional Intergration (EACANRI) in Kigali, Rwanda

OBREAL Global representatives Apiyo Okwiri and Kibrome Haile participated in the launch of the EACANRI whose mission is to widen expertise opinion, consultation, and academic knowledge in economic, political, social and cultural affairs in order to contribute to the realization of full customs union, common market, monetary union and political integration in the East African region.

OBREAL Global delivered a message to the participants by appreciating the tasks accomplished by the Steering committee within a span of a year since the Experts meeting in May 22 and subsequently the General Assembly and acknowledged the strength that lies within the EAC.
We acknowledged the great working relationship with IUCEA working in tandem with for many years and we share in the common the notion that HE is a driver in regional integration and Research is pivotal in tilting the scales.
From our Institutional vision of Facilitating and achieving sustainable South-South-North cooperation based on reciprocity, mutual knowledge transfer and commitment to common global challenges. Which we implement by Promoting dialogue and synergies between the governmental, academic and social sectors, taking into account the specificities and heterogeneity of each region of the world; and Building inter-regional, South-South-North and global bridges to enhance development in the higher education and research sectors specifically through multi-regional collaborative projects.

Through our three key Pillars

  • Data/Policy – Knowledge Production
  • Capacity Building
  • Inter-regional Dialogue

We strongly believe that with the Launch of EACANRI network both the organisations can mutually benefit from each other’s activities.

With OBREAL Global coordinating phase three of the Harmonization Accreditation and Quality Assurance of African Higher Education (HAQAA3) together with DAAD, AAU and ENQA where IUCEA is one of our Key Strategic partner and a member of the Steering Committee. The project has just been awarded by the European Commission under the Africa-EU Joint partnership and will run for five years. We foresee the continuance of the activities and task accomplished in the just concluded phase (HAQAA2) where we focused on HE for Regional Integration and produced HAQAA Materials, with Chapters on African Regional and Continental integration). With input from the Executive Secretary Prof. Gaspard Banyankimbona for your immense contribution to PART 5 of the materials on Higher Education in the East African Community. An online MOOCs was offered in the last quota of 2022 in English and we are now working on offering further courses in French and Portuguese. We value multi-lingualism. Additionally, with the HAQAA Team comprising of Prof. Ramon Torrent, Apiyo Okwiri, Henok Asmelash, and Kibrome Mekonnen we have offered our availability to organise a webinar/ short course on the two first chapters of the Materials.

Through the Conference presentations focusing on Role of Academics and Researchers in Regional Integration Process’, Significance of the Academic and Research Community in EAC Regional Integration Activities, Challenges and opportunities of regional integration and The role of global partnerships in regional integration. Affirmed the importance of further collaboration with IUCEA and EACANRI using our expansive networks of OBREAL Global Chapters in Europe, Latin America, Africa and India.

We believe collaborating with representative Networks or Associations provides the necessary platform to address sectoral needs and have a wider structural impact. And EACANRI perfectly fits in our collaborating partner definition, and we look forward to further exploring mutually beneficial areas that we can work on.