OBREAL Global in the 40th Session of the Council of Ministers of CAMES

OBREAL Global has been invited to attend the 40th Session of the Council of Ministers of CAMES- The African and Malagash Council for Higher Education.

In the context of this meeting, a separate meeting of the network of strategic and technical partners of CAMES has taken place, where Elizabeth Colucci, our Director for Global Projects, has presented the state of play of cooperation between CAMES and OBREAL Global in 2022 and offered a perspective on the relationship going forward.

This has and will continue to centre around 3 areas primarily: 1) Quality assurance and harmonisation, supported by HAQAA and the new project Joint AQ Africa, 2) Innovation – linked to the PRICNAC project which CAMES is also a partner of and 3) interregional policy dialogue. CAMES has been a strategic partner in HAQAA2 and co-leads with OBREAL Global the new project Joint AQ on joint accreditation, which will launch in June in Abidjan.