OBREAL Global in Focus is coming!

OBREAL Global and its members are offering the first edition of ‘OBREAL Global in Focus’, a programme of virtual events and activities for partners and interested institutions around the globe.

OBREAL Global in Focus 2021, which will be held between 10th March and 9th April, is dedicated to theme Charting the course for South-South-North cooperation and beyond’. It will feature debates and presentations from the activities of OBREAL Global’s Chapters in Europe, South America, Central America, The Caribbean, India and Africa and ongoing projects.

We hope these activities will engage members, partners and the wider global community in a dialogue around key trends in the higher education and research sectors. In particular, share policy developments and practices from different regions and forecast new areas for opportunity in South-South-North collaboration.

Participating in OBREAL Global in Focus 2021 events and activities is easy and for free! Learn more about OBREAL Global in Focus 2021 and join us by registering in https://obrealglobalinfocus.obreal.org/