OBREAL Global holds a project management training workshop in Mendoza, Argentina

On 9 June, OBREAL Global will hold a training workshop in Mendoza on how to develop, manage and disseminate a higher education and research project. Participants in this workshop also had the opportunity to attend a previous webinar on the funding provided by the European Union for this type of project.

The workshop will be conducted by Angel Rafael, Project Manager of OBREAL Global, and is aimed at the technical, teaching and research staff of the University of Cuyo, members of OBREAL Global.
During this event, all phases of the project cycle will be discussed, key elements for thinking, presenting and subsequently managing a proposal will be provided and cases of successful projects developed by OBREAL Global will be analysed.

During the workshop, participants will receive various materials such as the official guide to the Erasmus+ programmes of the European Union, didactic materials on how to access the participants’ portal and examples of proposals, budgets, etc.

In addition, they will have the opportunity to develop their own proposals, which will later be analysed both as a group and bilaterally with OBREAL Global staff.