OBREAL has met with ACATHI, an organization that defends the rights of LGTBIQ+ migrants and refugees. The good harmony during ACATHI’s participation in the MyCOMM project through the activities promoted by OBREAL has led to this meeting. Representatives from both entities have met at the headquarters of ACATHI in Barcelona.

A meeting in which new synergies and commitments have been generated for a more active collaboration in the fields of work with young people and migrants from underrepresented, marginalized or vulnerable groups at an international level.

defense LGTBIQ+ migrant rights
Rodrigo Araneda, President of ACATHI; Aron Diatta, ACATHI Technician; Jaume Fortuny, Senior Project Manager at OBREAL

ACATHI is an organization formed by migrants and refugees. Their objective si to defend and protects the fundamental right of all people to migrate. The starting point is the importance of guaranteeing freedom of movement and equal opportunities for all those who seek a better life away from their place of origin. At ACATHI they work with LGBTIQ+ migrants and refugees. People who face additional challenges. This is due to the discrimination, persecution and violence they may experience in their countries of origin.

MyComm Project

The MyCOMM project: communication and defense of equity and inclusion among young migrants and refugees

This organization is one of the organizations that is making the most of the skills offered in the MyCOMM project. It is a project that aims to strengthen youth organizations committed to the inclusion of immigrants and refugees. The project does that by connecting them at EU level and strengthening their capacities to communicate and influence policies and public perception.

The project focuses specifically on the audiovisual capacity of these organizations and the creative production of collaborative videos. Thus, it narrates powerful and personal stories of young migrants and refugees, together with the development of promotion capacities.

ACATHI greatly enriches the MyCOMM project. This organization provides a vision that requires a specific approach since it focuses on the defense of the rights of LGTBIQ+ migrants and refugees. As its president, Rodrigo Araneda, says, “To generate social change, it is necessary to generate non-typical processes. We need to know the vulnerable people to reach those who are not sensitized”. These voices will be heard at a European level through MyCOMM.

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