Moving forward with the NePRev Project

The introduction of the new digital industrial revolution in Tunisia is at the heart of the NePRev Project (Next Production Revolution). This project, which is being carried out jointly with the Politecnico di Torino, the Politecnico di Milano and Centrale Supélec in France, is collaborating with the main Tunisian technological universities and agents of its socio-economic fabric. And OBREAL Global is also taking part in it.

The second phase of the training of trainers for Tunisian universities was completed during the week of 23-27 May. This training was given in person at the facilities of the partner Centrale Supélec on the Paris-Saclay Campus, with complementary technical visits to companies in the outskirts of Paris linked to Industry 4.0. OBREAL Global has actively participated in sessions focused on training partners in the submission of proposals to the new European Call for Proposals and academic cooperation between the European Union and Africa.

With the implementation of this training activity and the digital laboratories in Tunis financed by the project, NePRev now enters its final phase where we hope to confirm that we have been able to achieve all the planned objectives and deliverables of the project.