During 2023, OBREAL played a key role in generating interregional dialogue and cooperation as well as sharing knowledge and building capacities.


In 2023, we organized several interregional dialogues between regions from all over the world. Some of them were physical meetings, like the Interregional Dialogue on Education and Development in Buenos Aires, which brought together key stakeholders from Latin America, the Caribbean and Africa to discuss critical education and development issues, and the bi-regional political dialogue between the African Union and CELAC in Namibia in July.

We also sponsored a series of online interregional dialogues under the name “Women, Innovation and Science” in which we explored topics such as leadership, management, innovation, and research. With these conversations, we have contributed to broadening the debate around shaping the future of women in the science and innovation sectors.

And we have already started preparing our next interregional dialogues — the Second Interregional Dialogue on Education and Development between Africa, Latin America and the Caribbean will be held later this year. In the course of putting this event together, we have met with the Association of African Universities, the African Union, representatives of the Brazilian Ministry of Education, the Latin American and Caribbean Higher Education Space, the National Inter-University Council of Argentina, and representatives of FAUBAI from Brazil.


OBREAL has also been involved in several cooperation projects focused on higher education, sustainability, and innovation.

Through projects such as HAQAA3, SPHERE, JointQA, QA Doc, EQUAM-LA, Online HE, HERESA and SUCCESS we have contributed to the development of policies, produced knowledge, and built capacities and generated training sessions. All of this because we believe that through Higher Education, we can address the challenges our world faces.

We have also addressed the multidisciplinary importance of sustainability, a hot topic that we targeted with coordination or participation in projects such as Enotour, Climar, Agreemed, Sustourism and MyComm.

Most of the projects that we coordinate or we participate in have something to do with innovation. Some projects, however, are specifically focused on this topic, such as PRICNAC, Start Circular and Digigrad.


Since one of our goals as an organization is to promote capacity building, in 2023 we organized several training sessions. One series covered “Management of international programs”, amother addressesd the “Development of proposals for Horizons Europe Projects”, and a third centered (in the framework of the HAQAA3 initiative) on “Regional and Continental Integration in Africa.”

After an intense year, OBREAL remains committed to its mission of promoting collaboration, innovation, and sustainability in higher education.

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