HERE SA Café: A conversation on Contemporary themes in Technology Enhanced Learning (26 January 2022)

The Erasmus + project HERE SA, coordinated by THENSA and OBREAL Global is organising a new event entitled HERE SA Café: A conversation on Contemporary themes in Technology Enhanced Learning which will take place on 26th January 2022 (12h SAST).

Technology Enhanced Learning (TEL) refers to the use of different kinds of digital and online technologies to facilitate learning and/or improve the learning experience. Practices in the area are constantly changing as, for example, new technologies become available and offer new possibilities or affordances for learning. Recent years, for example, have seen a surge of interest in the use of virtual reality and augmented reality applications for learning and in the numerous ways artificial intelligence and machine learning technologies might revolutionalise current practices in the field.

Every year predictions are offered by various experts and expert groups as to what the next big TEL trend or the next “killer app” is going to turn out to be: some predications focus specifically on technological changes, others offer a more pedagogical or socio-economic perspective around themes such as quality, openness, equity and care. Clearly the global adoption of so-called “emergency remote teaching” (ERT) in response to the COVID-19 crisis (aka the “great onlining”) represents another kind of TEL trend and many of us working in the field are already beginning to investigate and support the longer-term impact and legacy of this development.

Join us for this online café session to hear more about current and future trends in this every-changing area, find out about some of the exploratory research being conducted in the Munster Technological University and join the discussion about both the promised benefits and challenges associated with the implementation of TEL in the sector.


About the HERE SA project

Inspired by the European Union funded network of ‘Higher Education Reform Experts’ (HERE) in European neighborhood countries, HERE SA would like to launch and sustain a similar network at the national level in SA, which could be eventually extended to all HEI in the sector. The network would be comprised of individuals that were strategically selected given their roles in overseeing and guiding teaching and learning at their institutions, and potential to be catalysts for change in the HE sector. The HERE SA project would train and capacitate these individuals to enable them to advise their institutions and the sector on holistic higher education development to meet labour market and societal needs.

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