About the General Assembly 2022

On the occasion of the UNESCO World Higher Education Conference 2022, OBREAL Global will hold its General Assembly 2022 in Barcelona on May 17th from 15h to 16:30h CEST. Members and strategic partners are invited to register to participate in the General Assembly both virtually and in person.

After our General Assembly and at the same venue, OBREAL Global, together with members and partners will co-host two other activities. Members and strategic partners are invited and welcome to register.

  • Launch of the TRESAL (Trends in Latin American Higher Education) Survey  |Together with ENLACES, LINED, ASCUN and ANUIES | May 17th at 17h
  • Debate and cocktail reception on Higher Education and the SDGs: An inter-regional challenge with inter-regional perspectives |Together with DAAD, AAU and ENLACES | May 17th at 18:15h

Who can participate?

This is a private event for OBREAL Global members and their strategic partners. Registration is by invitation only. In case you are a member or strategic partner of OBREAL Global and have not received an invitation, please contact [email protected].


The OBREAL Global General Assembly will be held in a hybrid format, you can participate in person in Barcelona or participate virtually through the link that you will receive upon registration


OBREAL Global’s General Assembly will take place in the Ramon y Cajal Hall, named after the 1906 Nobel Prize winner in Physiology and Medicine, Santiago Ramon y Cajal.

It is located in the Historic Building of the University of Barcelona, in the heart of the city.

  • Take a look at the Historic Building here
  • Check the location of the Ramon y Cajal Hall here

About OBREAL Global

OBREAL Global has transformed over the past years from an association that primarily promotes European Union-Latin America cooperation in higher education and research, to one with a broader inter-regional mandate and membership scope, committed to strengthening South-South- North cooperation within and between regions.

2020/21 has been a busy time period, whereby, in the midst of a global pandemic, OBREAL Global has consolidated ‘Chapters’ in South America, Central America, the Caribbean, India and Africa, each of which is driven by membership and has shaped its own needs and priorities. In the midst of this,

OBREAL Global has taken steps to promote inter-regional dialogue and exchange on key topics of common interest, ranging from the internationalisation of learning, digitalisation, international research management and the role of universities in local development