OBREAL Global in Focus 2021 first week!

During the first week of OBREAL Global in Focus 2021, three very interesting webinars were held. The first one took place on 10 March and was entitled Kicking-off OBREAL Global in Focus 2021 – Charting the course for South-South-North cooperation and beyond.

The following panellists participated in this event:

  • Ramon Torrent, OBREAL Global (Spain)
  • Adrian Bonilla, EU-LAC Foundation (Germany)
  • Vidya Yeravdekar, Symbiosis International University and FICCI Higher Education Committee. (India)
  • Peter Birle, Ibero-Amerikanisches Institut Berlin (Germany)
  • Juma Shabani, CESA Sub-Group on Harmonisation, Accreditation and Quality, Continental Education Strategy for Africa (Burundi)
  • Marcello Scalisi, Unione delle Università del Mediterraneo – UNIMED- (Italy).
  • Kiran G.R., Middle East College (Oman) and OBREAL Global

This panel provided an opportunity to hear and discuss perspectives from different regions of the world on South-South-North cooperation.

The second OBREAL Global in Focus 2021 webinar was held on 11 March and was organised by the HAQAA2 initiative, coordinated by OBREAL Global, DAAD, ENQA and the AAU.

This webinar entitled “Strategic Partnership between Europe and Africa: What’s New for Higher Education?” was moderated and led by Deirdre Lennan from the European Commission and featured an international panel:

  • Eleonora Martinello, INTPA.A.2 – Regional and Multi-Country Programmes for Africa, Directorate General International Partnerships, European Commission
  • Abdou Cissé, National Authority for Quality Assurance in Higher Education – ANAQ-Sup-, (Senegal)
  • James Jowi, Principal Education Officer, East African Community Secretariat, (Tanzania) and Executive Director of the African Network for Internationalization of Education (ANIE)
  • Felix Kwabena, African Students’ Alumni Forum (ASAF)
  • Nico Jooste, Southern African Regional University Association -SARUA- (South Africa)
  • Jeffy Mukora, National Quality Assurance Agency of Mozambique -CNAQ- (Mozambique)
  • Nico Jooste, Southern African Regional University Association -SARUA- (South Africa)
  • Deirdre Lennan, DG Education and Culture (EAC), European Commission

The last event of the week, on 12 March, was entitled Modularisation and Flexibilisation of Learning: Skilling and Reskilling in a Global Context and was organised by the DIESSEL initiative, another project in which OBREAL Global is involved.

The panellists were the following:

  • Marina Larrea, Ministry of Education (Argentina).
  • Arnau Valls, Department of Research and Innovation Hospital Infantil Sant Joan de Déu Barcelona (Spain)
  • Cathrael Kazin, Volta Learning, (USA)
  • Prathap Haridos, IIT Madras (India)
  • Chafic Mokbel, University of Balamand, (Lebanon)
  • Carl-Gustaf Janson, KTH Royal Institute of Technology, (Sweden)


Next week OBREAL Global in Focus 2021 continues with more activities! For more information, please visit https://obrealglobalinfocus.obreal.org/en/obreal-global-in-focus-2021/