Official welcome from the organisers and host


Opening keynote

Creating reciprocal, mutually beneficial partnerships to respond to local and global challenges

Dr. Nico Elema, Director, Centre for Collaboration in Africa, Stellenbosch University, South Africa -Discussion with DHG members


Ice-breaker exercise with DHG members: ‘What is your greatest challenge in creating reciprocal partnerships?’ (Mentimeter and discussion)


Walk to Hotel Meridien for workshops and lunch and coffee


Coffee break


Block 1 of parallel thematic sessions/workshops

  • Workshop 1: Fostering mutual benefits in programme design: Challenges and good practices – Workshop offered by DAAD, focusing on project funding and administration structures
  • Workshop 2: An evidence-based move from transactional aid to mutually beneficial partnerships – Workshop offered by UNESCO IESALC
  • Workshop 3: Building capacity from project management in Southern partner countries andinstitutions – Workshop offered by OBREAL Global and the Association of Colombian Universities(ASCUN), current Presidency of ENLACES.
  • Workshop 4: Implementing Agenda 2030 in Higher Education & Science: Towards equal, globalPartnerships? Going from SDG principles to tangible action at VLIR-UOS – Workshop offered by VLIR-UOS


Lunch – Hotel Meridien


Block 2 of parallel thematic sessions: Workshops repeat

  • Workshop 1: Workshop 1 is replaced by the topic “’Does monitoring help to improve academic collaborations? Focus: The DAAD University Business Partnerships Programme” – Offered by DAAD
  • Workshop 3: Workshop 3 is replaced by: “Higher Education Partnerships for Development: Modes andMethods” – Offered by the Association of Commonwealth Universities (ACU)
  • Workshop 4: Implementing Agenda 2030 in Higher Education & Science: Towards equal, globalPartnerships? Going from SDG principles to tangible action at VLIR-UOS – Workshop offered by VLIR-UOS


Walk to CIDOB for remaining plenary sessions


Coffee Break


Panel of partner organisations from the South

Experiences in working with multiple partners and donors – How to ensure ownership? How to guarantee mutual benefits?

  • Suchanaad Dhanakoses, Programme Officer, ASEAN University Network (AUN)
  • Carlos Alvarado, Secretary General, Central American University Council (CSUCA), Guatemala
  • Damtew Teferra, Director of Research and Programmes, Association of African Universities (AAU)
  • Vidya Yeravdekar, Pro Chancellor, Symbiosis International University, India and Head of Higher Education Section, FICCI
  • Chair: Marina Larrea, Director for International Relations, Ministry of Education, Argentina


Close of day 1


Official Dinner offered by OBREAL Global


Restaurant Flamant


Showcase session Spanish development cooperation

Offered by Spanish and Catalan organisations and hosts, providing examples of strategies, programmes, partnerships and impacts

  • Cati Jerez -Fundació Solidaritat UB, University of Barcelona
  • Sergio Ponza, Universitat de Vic
  • Jordi Marín, Spanish Service for Internationalization of Education – SEPIE
  • Chair: Raul Ramos, Vice-rector for International Policy, University of Barcelona


World Café

DHG members will rotate after 30 minutes (five minutes break in between each 30 minute session). Coffee will be available throughout the different sessions. Common points of interest, challenges and divergences will be collected from the rapporteur of each session.

  • Topic 1: Guidelines for reciprocal, mutually beneficial partnerships: Chaired by The SwissCommission for Research Partnerships with Developing Countries (KFPE)
  • Topic 2: Encouraging mutually beneficial partnerships and ethical guidelines for partnershipswith global south? Chaired by EDUFI, Finland
    VENUE: Hotel Meridien
  • Topic 3: Owning and evaluating impact: Data in African and Latin American higher education:Chaired by OBREAL Global, the HAQAA2 Initiative and ENLACES
  • Topic 4: How can we use partnerships to maximise the impact of higher education in advancinggender equality? Chaired by British Council


Lunch – Hotel Meridien


Panel of DHG-members

International higher education cooperation and capacity development during crisis and conflict

  • Ida Arendal, Research program manager, Danida Fellowship Centre
  • Signe Marie Breivik, Senior Adviser, Norad (Norwegian agency for development cooperation).
  • Susanna Carmody, British Council, Senior Project Manager, Education and Society
  • Christoph Hansert, DAAD, Head of Division “Development Co-operation and TransnationalProgrammes”
  • Chair: Hilde Elin Haaland-Kramer, Head of Department, Norwegian Directorate for Higher Education and Skills (HK-dir)


Team Europe

Coordinating approaches in Europe, towards enhanced synergies and impact

Session offered by the European Commission, DG INTPA and DG EAC. This will entail a discussion on the Team Europe approach in practice and how the DHG can contribute


Brainstorming session and reflection on DHG 2022




  • Agustina Calabrese OBREAL Global Spain
  • ANDREA GARCIA , Secretaria de Cooperación Educativa y Acciones Prioritarias, Argentina
  • Angel Rafael, OBREAL Global, Spain
  • Anja Bretzler, KFPE, Switzerland
  • Anne Hämäläinen, Finnish National Agency for Education EDUFI, Finland
  • Annika  Sundback-Lindroos, European Commission, Belgium
  • Brendan Harrison, Commonwealth Scholarship Commission/Association of Commonwealth Universities, United Kingdom
  • Carinus de Kock, Stellenbosch University, South Africa
  • Carlos Guillermo Alvarado Cerezo, CSUCA, Guatemala
  • Cati Jerez, Fundació Solidaritat UB ,University of Barcelona, Spain
  • Charles Zammit, Education Malta, Malta
  • Chigozie Emmanuel Okonkwo, African Union
  • Christoph Hansert, German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD), Germany
  • Claire Herrmann, European Commission – DG Education, Culture, Youth and Sport, Belgium
  • Clare L.  Browne
  • Damtew Teferra, Association of African Universities, Ghana
  • Doerte Weig, SIRIS Academic, Spain/ Europe
  • Eglis Chacon, UNESCO IESALC, Venezuela
  • ELOI BIGAS, SIRIS Academic, Spain
  • Eloi Espósito, OBREAL Global, Spain
  • Erich Thaler, University of Basel , Schweiz
  • Filippo Sartor, University of Bologna/Coimbra Group, Italia
  • Franziska Ruess , GIZ, Germany
  • Hambani Masheleni, African Union
  • Hanna Rinkineva, MFA (consultant), Finland
  • Heike Heinen-Kritz, German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD), Deutschland
  • Hilde Kjøstvedt, Norwegian Directorate of Higher Education and Skills (HK-dir), Norge
  • Hilde Haaland-Kramer, Norwegian Directorate of Higher Education and Skills, Norway
  • Ingvild Hope, HK-dir, Norge
  • Ise De Smet, VLIR-UOS, Belgium
  • Jeanette Da Silva, Norad, Norway
  • Jenny Delos, OBREAL Global, Spain
  • Johanna Lundin, Swedish Institute, Sweden
  • Jonathan Williams, World Bank, Canada
  • Jordi Marín Badenes, SEPIE, SPAIN
  • Joseph Junior She, Nuffic, The Netherlands
  • Julia Lichtkoppler-Moser, OeAD , Austria
  • Kaija, Pajala, EDUFI, Suomi
  • Käser Fabian, KFPE, Switzerland
  • Kjersti Thorkildsen, Norad – Norwegian Agency for Development Cooperation, Norway
  • Koen De Koster,VLIR-USO, België
  • Koen Geven, World Bank, United States
  • Kristien Verbrugghen, VLIR-UOS, België
  • Loes Klappe-Linsen, Nuffic, The Netherlands
  • MAFINI DOSSO, European Comission Joint Research Center, Seville
  • Maria Calderó Pascual , BETA Tech Center UVIC-UCC, Spain
  • Marieke Nieuwendijk Nuffic   the Netherlands
  • MARINA LARREA, Director for International Cooperation, Ministry of Education, Argentina
  • Mauricio Escribens, UNESCO IESALC, Venezuela
  • Andaman Punsawai, AUN Secretariat / ASEAN University Network, Thailand
  • Suchanaad Dhamakoses, AUN Secretariat / ASEAN University Network, Thailand
  • Myriam Moïse Universities Caribbean, OBREAL Global Chapter Caribbean, Antilles
  • Nadja Gmelch, Freelancer, Spain
  • Nico Elema, Stellenbosch University, South Africa
  • Nicolas Patrici, OBREAL Global, Spain
  • Olivia Petie, Association of Commonwealth Universities – Chevening Secretariat, United Kingdom
  • Olivier  SAGNA
  • Olusola Oyewole, Association of African Universities, Ghana
  • Juan Guillermo Hoyos, ASCUN, OBREAL Global Chapter SouthAmerica, Colombia
  • PAULO ARMANDO MABUTO, Ministério da Ciência, Tecnologia e Ensino Superior, Moçambique
  • Rachel Arnold, The Association of Commonwealth Universities, United Kingdom
  • Ramon Torrent, OBREAL Global , Spain
  • Raul Ramos, Universitat de Barcelona, Spain
  • Roberta Bassett, The World Bank, Switzerland
  • Rolf Peter, Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ), Germany
  • Seble Abera, Swedish Institute, Sverige
  • Sergio Ponsá, Universitat de Vic, Spain
  • Sergio Afonso MULEMA, Ministerio de Ciencia, Tecnologia e Ensino Superior, Mozambique
  • Shaban Mayanja, GIZ, Germany
  • Sherif Azab-Els, German Academic Exchange Service DAAD, Germany
  • Sidsel Holmberg, HK-dir, Norge
  • Signe Marie Breivik, Norwegian agency for development cooperation), Norway
  • Sjoerd Louwaars, Siris Academic, Spain
  • Susanna Carmody, British Council, UK
  • Victor Carbajal, BETA CT, Spain
  • Victoria Galan-Muros, UNESCO IESALC, France
  • Yoran Beldengrün, SIRIS Academic, España
  • Fabian Käser, KFPE
  • Maria Luisa Chicote, CNAQ- MCTES, Moçambique

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