Connect2Recover Research Competition: $635,000 for African Academic Researchers

$635,000 for African Academic Researchers

Connect2Recover Research Competition from the ITU seeks to identify promising research proposals that will accelerate digital inclusion during the global pandemic recovery and preparedness for the ‘new normal’ (and potential future pandemics).

Fifteen (15) research grants worth $42,000 USD each will be awarded to winning research teams exploring digital inclusion opportunities.

This competition is open to Academia, including early career researchers, think tanks, and individual experts affiliated with academic institutions. Submissions must clearly elaborate and demonstrate at least one of the following:

  • Studies that assess resiliency for digital infrastructure and formulate forward-looking, actionable digital inclusion policy measures leading to positive outcomes in education, healthcare, or job creation.
  • How to build back better with broadband along with digital inclusion during the COVID-19 recovery efforts resulting in meaningful connectivity.
  • Develop key recommendations on aspects of resilient digital infrastructure supporting education, health, or job creation in the targeted context.

Connect2Recover heralds the beginning of ITU’s transition from COVID-19

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