L’última sessió dels Diàlegs Interregionals entre l’Índia i Amèrica del Sud tindrà lloc el 10 de desembre

The last session of the Interregional Dialogues between India and South America will take place on 10 December.

This event will focus on internationalisation through joint research and doctoral programmes and strategies and will feature a very interesting panel:

  • Marcelo KnobelFormer President of UNICAMP (Brazil)
  • Adrijit GoswamiProfessor, Indian Institute of Technology, Kharagpur (India)
  • Ketan KotechaDirector, Symbiosis Institute of Technology -SIU- (India)
  • José Celso FreireVice-President, FAUBAI (Brazil) / Chief Advisor External Relations, UNESP (Brazil)


Find out all the information here: https://obreal.org/interregional-dialogues-india-brazil

Check out the recordings of the previous sessions here: https://obreal.org/interregional-dialogues-india-south-america-recordings

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