Julio Cotler Program


Participants from the rest of Latin America and from universities memebers of OBREAL

Target audience

Young university students in their final year of undergraduate studies, as well as graduates from the past two years across all disciplines, including researchers, activists, and policy makers

About the call

Participants are invited to submit an abstract of no more than the 400 words describing the main idea or thesis and how it relates to Julio Cotler’s intellectual production. An committee of experts will select 15-20 to be discussed in an engaging workshop-conference. Two outstanding abstracts will receive a prestigious financial award of 2,000 euros each and will be published online, freely accessible to all. Beyond recognition and publication, the Julio Cotler Program is committed to fostering a strong network of intellectual exchange, facilitating connections and collaborations among participants.


The process is as follows

FEBRUARY 20th, 2024

Abstract submission process opens

Participants are encouraged to submit an abstract of up to 400 words outlining their main idea or thesis, with a focus on its connection to Julio Cotler’s intellectual legacy.

MAY 15th, 2024

Abstract Submission Closes

The submission period comes to a close.

MAY 16th, 2024

Abstract selection process begins

A committee of experts commences the evaluation of submitted abstracts.

JULY 1st, 2024

Abstract selection process ends

After careful consideration, 15-20 participants are selected and invited to expand their abstracts into full articles, with a maximum length of 8,000 words.



The selected participants are invited to partake in an workshop/conference held in Peru in an hybrid format.


Award ceremony for the two selected participants

From the pool of 15-20 participants, two winners are chosen to receive a prize of 2,000 euros each. Their papers will be published online, freely accessible to all.


Martín Benavides

Former Minister of Education of Peru and current Director of IIEP of UNESCO

Adrián Bonilla

Former Secretary General of FLACSO and former Secretary of Education of Ecuador, current Executive Director of the EU-LAC Foundation.

Flavia Freidenberg

Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México

Beatriz Padilla

University of South Florida and Instituto Universitario de Lisboa – ISCTE-IUL

Maria Herminia Tavares de Almeida

Universidade de Sao Paulo, Brazil

Application Form

Write an abstract of no more than 400 words (Times New Roman 12, double-spaced) describing the main idea or thesis and how it relates to Julio Cotler’s intellectual production.