Julio Cotler Program

Higher education as an instrument for reducing social inequalities and building the institutional foundations of democratic systems

About the Julio Cotler programme

The Julio Cotler Program is born from the legacy of Professor Julio Cotler (1932 – 2019), whose belief in the transformative power of higher education to address social inequalities inspires this initiative. Targeting young university students in their final year of undergraduate studies, as well as graduates from the past two years across all disciplines, including researchers, activists, and policy makers, the program provides a platform for emerging voices.

This program is divided into two calls. The first is designed specifically for participants from Peru. The second is for participants from the rest of Latin America or from any OBREAL member institution.

In both programs, participants are invited to submit an abstract of no more than the 400 words describing the main idea or thesis and how it relates to Julio Cotler’s intellectual production. A committee of experts will select 15-20 to be discussed in an engaging workshop-conference. Two outstanding abstracts will receive a prestigious financial award of 2,000 euros each and will be published online, freely accessible to all. Beyond recognition and publication, the Julio Cotler Program is committed to fostering a strong network of intellectual exchange, facilitating connections and collaborations among participants.

The call for both sub-programs will be open from February 20 to May 15, 2024.

Call for applications in Peru

Call for applications for Latin America and OBREAL members

Julio Cotler and OBREAL

Julio Cotler (1932 – 2019) was, for most OBREAL members, the main intellectual figure of the first period of the association (2004 – 2007). Cotler’s professional life was linked to education from his start as an elementary school teacher in Huarochiri in the 1950s while doing his fieldwork for his anthropology degree, to his integration as a professor, after his postgraduate studies in Bordeaux, Caracas and Cambridge/USA, at the Universidad Nacional Mayor de San Marcos in Lima, and as a visiting professor at Universities in New York, Berkeley, Notre Dame, Paris, Salamanca, Madrid, Bologna, Quito, Mexico City. The conviction that higher education can contribute to reduce social gaps was central in Julio Cotler’s life and intellectual activity, oriented, in a more general perspective, to the discussion and affirmation of democracy and the necessary construction of political and social institutions that give it a solid foundation.